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  Even kings are victims of "adventure-itis" and young King Randy of Regalia (first introduced in The Purple Prince of Oz) is no exception.

  Leaping from his throne onto the back of his faithful elephant friend, Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant (first introduced in his own tale, Kabumpo in Oz), they are off to visit their old friend Jinnicky, Red Jinn of the Land of Ev (also first introduced in The Purple Prince of Oz). Long before they arrive, they pass through an amazing chasm called Gapers' Gulch, ruled by that great and 'snorious' king, Sleeperoo, who sleeps for six months and eats for six months. It is here that they meet Planetty, the lovely Princess from Anuther Planet and Thun her fire-breathing Thundercolt.

  A very Ozzy adventure ensues as the four visit the most amusing countries, including Box Wood in the Land of Ix (where boxes grow on trees). The Boxers are led by Chillywalla, who can't stand the sight of anything that isn't properly boxed. They also visit the nine-sided Nonagon Island whereupon live nine fishermen and a cat with nine lives.

Note: In Chapter Four, the word 'pictionary' is coined.

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