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Handy Mandy in Oz


  Quite often, young Mandy, the Goat Girl of Mount Mern, pursued her goats up and down the rocky slopes of her native mountain. And never - NEVER - in her 14 or so years' experience had she ever been blown up the mountain!

  While trying to gather her goats, including her favorite, What-a-Butter, Mandy (a young Mernite - a race of seven-handed people), the slab of rock on which she stands is whisked into the air and soon blown to Oz. She lands in Keretaria (a small area of the blue Munchkin Country) and befriends Nox the white Royal Ox (a gruff, pompous and opinionated creature, whom you will love once you get to know him!). Nox decides that the maiden with the seven arms is 'handy' and thereafter refers to her as such. After hearing his story, Handy Mandy decides to help him rescue his enslaved master, the hapless little King Kerry - a prisoner of his uncle Kerr (who now sits on the throne) and the Wizard of Wutz. Along the way they encounter Himself the Elf of the silver hammer (actually, a leprechaun) who does Handy's bidding.

  Strange villages and peoples including "Topsies" and "Hookers" (sic), the "Hook Nose" (a tribe of kilted Highlanders of the purple Gillikin Country). You will also be entertained by Keretaria's evil triumvirant of courtiers, High Qui-questioner, Imperial Persuader and Lord High Upper Dupper. The final appearance by Ruggedo, the mean old, former Gnome King. Reduced to aiding the Wizard Wutz and his agent, Number Five. He leaves our tale standing tall and proud as a desert cactus and presumably remains that way to this day.

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