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  Sail the Nonestic Ocean with Samuel Salt, Captain of the magical "Crescent Moon" (first introduced in Pirates in Oz). Once a pirate and now the irrepressible royal explorer of Oz, in this nautical tale, Captain Salt and his crew make a number of exciting discoveries – lands claimed in the name of Ozma for the Kingdom of Oz.

  In addition to Ato - eighth king of the Octagon Isles (who enjoys six-month tours aboard the "Crescent Moon" as cook!) and Roger the Royal Read Bird (who you may remember as a good-natured, good-hearted, well-meaning companion – unless you really don't feel like being read to!), Captain Salt is joined by Tazander "Tandy" Tazah (the wimpy and whiney boy king of Ozamaland, who comes of age by the end of this tale) and Nikobo, Little Daughter of the Biggenlittle River People (otherwise known as a warm-hearted hippopotamus).

  At the request of Didjaboo – one of the nine royal judges of Ozamaland (located on the long continent of Tarara) - young Tandy is removed by the wicked wizard Boglodore. He is deposited on Patripanny Island in the Nonestic Ocean and left to the mercies of the Leopard Men. On the island, Tandy befriends Nikobo and it is here that they are discovered and rescued by Captain Salt.

  Captain Salt eventually discovers Ozamaland, a fabled country of flying reptiles, elephants, camels, and a famous White City. The evil Ozamandarins who stole Tandy's throne are brought to justice and Tandy leaves his good friend Chunum – the aged sheik of the White City of Om - to rule his country while he completes his royal education as cabin boy of the "Crescent Moon."

  This travelogue tale also weighs anchor on a host of other places including the island of Peakenspire (where our seafarers encounter Alberif, Prince of the Peaks and his yodeling islanders), an explosive bit of volcanic land called Lavaland (where they are joined by the cute salamander, Sally – who loves nothing better than snuggling up for a nice nap in the hot bowl of King Ato's pipe), and the sea-forest (where they encounter Mo-fi – a curious half-monkey and half-fish creature).

  Note: Captain Salt in Oz is the only title of the Famous Forty Oz canon that omits even a token visit to the Emerald City or the Land of Oz.

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