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  Remember Ojo, the young Munchkin boy who was first introduced in The Patchwork Girl of Oz? Well, one day Ojo is sitting quietly in the blue Munchkin cottage which he shares with his beloved Unk Nunkie, when along came a band of gypsies – the Raggle Taggle Band of Gypsies, to be precise. Among the gypsies are Zinaro who lures Ojo to the gypsy camp, and Noma who lures the unsuspecting lad into one of their rattle-trap wagons. In no time, Ojo is their captive and the wagon carries him away from Unk Nunkie and home.

  But why do the gypsies want Ojo? How is he, a small boy, in any way valuable to them? The surprise answer is worth waiting for!

  Ojo befriends the also-captive Snufferbux, an accordion-playing, dancing bear. This poor brown bear suffered five years of captivity by the gypsy band before both he and Ojo are eventually rescued by Realbad, Chief of the forest bandits. Fortunately, despite his name, Realbad ends up being neither real-bad nor a real-bandit. The Forest Bandits are sort of the Robin Hoods of the Munchkin Forest. Realbad is aided by Slayrum, Tiny and Smackemback, as well as others.

  Ojo and Realbad become very fond of each other and along with the most beloved Princess Dorothy (formerly Dorothy Gale of Kansas) adventure through the Munchkin Country. Together they encounter X-Pando, the flexible man of Moocher Mountain, free Crystal City from the Blue Dragon, visit Queen Roganda of Unicorners (where unicorns come from, of course!), encounter Dicksey Land and their unpleasant, third dictator, Dickus (as well as Reachard – a long-armed reacher who has eyes on his fingertips and can reach almost anywhere in Oz!) and a host of other strange places.

  We also learn in this adventure about the clockmaker named Mooj, who once separated an entire royal family of Oz. Where is the King of Seebania and his queen, Isomere? And what ever became of their son?

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