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  Deep in the blue Munchkin Country, in the Lost Lake of Orizon, you will find the five Ozure Islands. Twenty-five years ago - before Dorothy's farmhouse landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, the royal family of the Munchkins, including King Cheeriobed and Prince Philador, were imprisoned on the Ozure Islands by the old witch Mombi (who was first introduced in The Marvelous Land of Oz and then mixed up more mischief in The Lost King of Oz). After abducting the lovely Queen Orin, Mombi placed a fire breathing, smoke snorting, horrible water monster called Quiberon in the lake to guard her prisoners.

  Quiberon now demands a mortal maiden and the only ones in Oz reside in the Emerald City (Dorothy, Trot, Betsy Bobbin...). It is up to Prince Philador to rid his people of Quiberon once and for all and to find his mother the Queen. He is aided by the Great Mo-Gull (king of all the land and sea birds) and High Boy, the giant horse of Oz. High Boy is one of the most remarkable creatures you will ever meet, who has stilt-like expanding and contracting legs, so that he can adjust them to travel over mountains or plains, speeding along with equal ease.

  Together, Prince Philador and High Boy race through some remarkable adventures in this book, including a visit to the Good Witch of the North for help. But she's not home, so off they go to the Emerald City. More fun and adventures follow along the way and we meet Tattypoo (who thinks she's the Good Witch of the North) and her amiable dragon Agnes, as well as Herby the medicine man, Benny the "public benefactor", and many other fascinating Ozzy folk.

  Meanwhile, back on the Ozure Islands, Akbad the soothsayer decides to pick the Golden Pear (which was only supposed to be picked by the Prince and only in an extreme emergency), is given magical wings and promptly flies to the Emerald City where he abducts a mortal maiden - the young Trot (who was previously introduced in L. Frank Baum's The Sea Fairies and Sky Island and arrived in Oz for The Scarecrow of Oz). Akbad then takes her back for Quiberon.

  And if all this isn't confusing and exciting enough, remember that as in any Oz tale involving the infamous Mombi, not everyone or everything is who they appear to be!

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