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The Hungry Tiger of Oz


  Everyone knows that the Hungry Tiger of Oz (first introduced in Ozma of Oz) is the largest, the most powerful, and the most magnificent tiger in existence. Realizing this, can you imagine a "little" girl so huge in size that she cuddles the Hungry Tiger as though he were a kitten — even dressing him in doll clothes like a baby? Maybe it's punishment for his 'pretended' longing to eat fat babies (fortunately, his conscience is many times stronger than his appetite!). That's just one of the things that happens to the Hungry Tiger in this tale.

  While playing hide and seek, the Hungry Tiger is found by a character named Ippty - the royal historian and scribe of Rash (a kingdom in the Land of Ev – northeast of Oz across the impassable desert). Ippty decides to make the Hungry Tiger the jailer of the prison of Rash – which actually means, the eater of all prisoners who are condemned to die.

  Unfortunately, the Hungry Tiger begins to learn that people in Rash are condemned to this fate for merely annoying the evil Pasha of Rash. One such prisoner is Reddy, the young Scarlet Prince of Rash – whom the Hungry Tiger decides to help win back his rightful kingdom. They are aided by Betsy Bobbin (first introduced in Tik-Tok of Oz) and Carter Green the vegetable man (a former Winkie boy who ate so many veggies he turned into them!)

  Meanwhile, Princess Ozma is abducted and taken sky-riding by a giant airman named Atmos Fere – a balloonish sort who wants to prove to the rest of the air people that beings really do live at the bottom of the air as well as the top. Ozma uses a pin to end this abduction!

  And if all this isn't enough fun and adventure, our old nemesis the Gnome King is back to concoct more mischief.

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