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  The Kingdom of Ragbad (in the red Quadling Country of the South) is in pretty bad shape. The Queen does the sewing and mending for her people, there aren't any new clothes, and the extravagant King Fumbo (who is actually the reason why the Kingdom of Ragbad is in such a state of poverty) went out into a windy storm one day and lost his head... really lost his head!

  That is how things are when Grampa, the old retired soldier, steps forward and declares that something must be done. And Grampa does it. With handsome Prince Tatters, he starts out in search of the king's head, a fortune, and a princess for Prince Tatters.

  Anyway, in Perhaps City in the Maybe Mountains of the yellow Winkie Country, Abrog the royal prophet foresees that the beautiful Princess Pretty Good will marry a monster in four days time unless someone else marries her. He, of course, volunteers to do so – saving her from a monstrous fate. Fortunately for Princess Pretty Good, her father King Peer refuses Abrog's "selfless" offer. Unfortunately for Princess Pretty Good, she and Abrog disappear...

... only to reappear as Gorba ('Abrog' spelled backwards) the wizard. In an effort to hide the Princess Pretty Good, he tries to turn her into a chunk of mud. Leave it to Perce Vere, the Forgetful Poet of Perhaps City (or can never quite remember the last word of his rhymes) to find the missing princess. As he heads down the mountain, he meets Dorothy who is on her way to the Emerald City. Eventually, everyone meets up and everything is resolved in the most miraculous ways!

  One the many new characters in this book of whom you will be very fond is Bill, the cast-iron weathercock. Formerly perched atop a building in Chicago, Illinois USA, until a bolt a lightening brought him to life and he flew blindly into a gale (a 'storm' gale, not a 'Dorothy Gale'), landing in the Quadling Country of Oz.

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