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The Cowardly Lion of Oz


  Our friend the Cowardly Lion is in trouble. You see, he feels the courage given to him by the Wizard of Oz has been all used up, so begins to look for a way to get more courage. Under (poor) advice, he is told that to gain courage, he must eat a man with much courage. He starts out on a journey to do just this, hoping to accomplish this horrid task quickly as the Cowardly Lion is not one to harm anyone.

  Meanwhile, in the barbarous Kingdom of Mudge (in the southwest portion of the blue Munchkin Country), the Mustafa of Mudge collects, of all things, lions! He already has 9,999 lions in his collection, but is still very unhappy because he wants one more and is convinced that no really worthwhile lion collection can be complete without the famed Cowardly Lion of Oz.

  Mustafa makes his big mistake when he sets out to collect the Cowardly Lion, for the Lion has become one of Dorothy's constant companions and is just about the most important animal in all of Oz. Of course, no one from Mudge can go on this quest because the Book of Mudge states that anyone who leaves Mudge will die. What can Mustafa do? Who can he send?

  In this book, you will also enjoy meeting Notta Bit More the clown and his friend, Bob Up. While performing his disappearing act in a circus for the citizens of Stumptown USA, Notta Bit More makes Bob Up, a little orphan boy from the audience, disappear. Reciting the magical verse again, he then makes himself disappear! They reappear together in, you guessed it, the Kingdom of Mudge. Mustafa now sends Notta Bit More and the young, redheaded Bob Up out into the Land of Oz to bring him the Cowardly Lion of Oz.

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