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  This is the first Oz book with an animal in the title role. Kabumpo, however, is much more than an animal — he is a genuine personality. Kabumpo, the elegant elephant, is the wisest and oldest living creature in Pumperdink (an area of the purple Gillikin Country).

  The excitement begins during Prince Pompadore's 18th birthday celebration. The cake (the finest ever baked by Hashem the chef) disappears, reappears, then explodes when cut, revealing a scroll, a golden mirror and a doorknob. The scroll warns the royal family; King Pompus, Queen Posy and Prince Pompadore, that unless the prince marries a "proper" princess, the entire kingdom of Pumperdink will disappear.

  When King Pompus decides on the most-homeliest of fairy princesses, Faleero of the forest of Follensby, Kabumpo decides to save the Prince and off they go to Emerald City.

  Of course, nothing is Oz is ever simple, and old Ruggedo, the Gnome King is at it again as well. Finding a box of the wizard J. Glegg's "Mixed Magic" underneath the palace of Pumperdink, he accidentally spills a bottle of "Instantaneous Expanding Extract" on himself and grows 3/4 of a mile high. Did I mention the bottle of "Spike's Hair Strengthener" that he spilled on his head first - causing his hair to turn into iron spikes? Did I mention that the palace of Pumperdink becomes impaled atop his head? Did I mention that he of course runs away scared!

  Now, Prince Pompadore and Kabumpo must find and save his missing kingdom – getting mixed up with a live wooden doll named Peg-Amy, a giant rabbit named Wag, and old Ruggedo.

1. Kabumpo returns for further adventures in The Purple Prince of Oz
2. When L. Frank Baum first introduced the 'Nome King' in Ozma of Oz, and continuing until his death in 1919, he spelled the word as 'Nome' and it is in this book that Ms. Thompson decides to correct the "error" by spelling the word correctly as 'Gnome'— of course, since Baum is THE Royal Historian of Oz, maybe it is not an "error" after all.

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